Geo-Spatial Solvers

Traveling Salesman Problem

Delivery destinations

Optimal route visiting each location using optimization solver

Use Cases: Planning, Logistics, manufacturing of microchips, DNA sequencing, large/small scale delivery monitoring, etc.

Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem

Multiple various locations (example: A points = banks, B points = grocery stores, C points = pharmacies, and D points = hardware stores)

Fastest route (lower Manhattan) to visit each type of location and return to the origin using optimization solver

Use Cases: Order pickups, personal shopping spree, random stow in warehousing

Assignment Problem

S = origin/supply and D = destination/demand (or vice versa)

Origins assigned to destinations with optimal routes

Use Cases: Assign Uber drivers to pick up passengers, human resource allocation

Drone+Truck Problem

Delivery destinations

Optimal route with coordinating drone (flight lines) and truck (assume single drone and no limit to battery life)

Use Cases: Next-generation logistics, last mile delivery problem, rural area and emergency delivery, hard to reach locations

Partition Problem

Territory with given S (supply/warehouses) and D (demand for supply)

Partitioned regions, one for each S, optimized for amount of D

Use Cases: Map data collection (street scanning for 360 imaging), concession delivery in a stadium, warehouse allocation suggestions